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Tucson, Arizona, USA

23rd American Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy (ACCGE-23)
21st US Workshop on Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (OMVPE-21)

to be held August 13-18, 2023, at The Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa 
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List of Symposia:

  • Fundamentals of Crystal Growth

  • Modeling of Crystal Growth Processes

  • Bulk Crystal Growth

  • Microgravity Crystal Growth (New)  

  • Biological and Biomimetic Materials

  • Thin film growth, epitaxy, and superlattices

  • Lattice-mismatched epitaxy and alternative epitaxial substrates

  • ​2D materials, surfaces and interfaces

  • ​Nanocrystals, quantum dots, and nanowires

  • Advanced Crystal Growth Technology and Equipment

  • ​Nonlinear Optical and Laser Host Materials 

  • Advanced OMVPE: novel materials and devices

  • Advanced OMVPE techniques: equipment, epitaxy, and characterization

  • III-V Epitaxial Growth for Devices

  • III-V Wide Bandgap Nitride Semiconductors and Devices

  • III-Vs on Silicon

  • Narrow Bandgap Semiconductors and Devices

  • Silicon Carbide and Gallium Oxide Materials and Devices

  • Materials for photovoltaics and other energy technologies

  • Characterization techniques for bulk and epitaxial crystallization

  • Hot issues of the science and practice of crystal growth:

  • Twisted Crystals

  • Metal Nanoparticle Nucleation and Growth

  • Nucleation and Growth in Microfluidics

  • Ferroelectric Crystals and Textured Ceramics

  • 2D and Low Dimensional Materials

  • Boron Nitride Epitaxial Growth and Characterization Symposium

  • Detector Materials: Scintillators and Semiconductors


Special Symposium on

Tribute to Ken Jackson

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Submission opens February 1, 2023

Submission opens February 1, 2023

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Conference Organizers
ACCGE Conference Chairs:
Partha Dutta (RPI)
Mike Dudley (Stony Brook University)

OMVPE Chair:
Andrew Allerman (Sandia National Laboratory)
ACCGE Program Chairs:
Balaji Raghothamachar (Stony Brook University)
Siddha Pimputkar (Lehigh University)

Corporate Exhibits:
Gordon Banish (ECM/Cyberstar)
Corporate Support:
Candace Lynch
AACG President:
Mariya Zhuravleva (University of Tennessee)
Luis Zepeda-Ruiz (LLNL)
Shoshana Nash (AACG)