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Tucson, Arizona, USA

Tucson, AZ, USA
2023 AACG Awards

As we prepare for ACCGE-23, nominations are open for three awards to be presented at the conference. The AACG award is presented for outstanding contributions to the field of crystal growth and epitaxy. The AACG Young Scientist Award is given to an early career scientist working in the fields of crystal growth research, development, practice, theory, modeling, characterization, application or production to recognize his or her outstanding scientific and technical contributions in the field of Crystal Growth. The award shall be made based on published papers, patents, conference presentations, products or teaching coming from the candidate's work. The criteria for selection shall be scientific excellence, clarity of presentation and impact on the field of crystal growth. The Gentile Service Award for dedicated service to the AACG. 


The AACG Award and the Young Author Award prize winners will deliver plenary talks at the conference. These are significant prizes. The AACG Award comes with an honorarium of $1000 and an inscribed plaque with a ruby crystal. The Young Author award also comes with a plaque and $500. The Gentile Service Award for dedicated service to the AACG comes with a clock. The suggested format for nominations will be: an overall letter describing the reason for the nomination, three supporting letters from others, and the curriculum vitae of the nominee. 


The deadline for submission of award nominations is June 5, 2023. 


For more information, please contact Thomas Kuech at

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